Frequently Asked Questions

The New Standard in Oxygen Therapy

Q: Does the single prong technology (Uni-flo2) work as well as the dual prong?
A: Yes, and sometimes better. Original performance data showed equivalency, expanded validation studies not only showed equivalency but in 57% of the population found the single prong cannula provided higher POX readings (primary mechanism of action). Clinical experience shows effective support of patients using the single prong approach.

Q: What is the impact on the patients when using the single prong cannula?
A: The Uni-flo2 single prong cannula provides an open breathing system by assuring that the nose is less than 50% occluded. Maintaining an open system prevents the creation of additional pressures (retrograde flow)in the patient.

Q: Is there any discomfort or concerns about the Uni-flo2 from delivering oxygen through just one prong?
A: No, our studies show a high level of customer satisfaction which has led many dual prong users to convert to the Uni-flo2. This conversion from dual prong to single prong is due to, increased comfort & dignity, less visible, less plastic on skin and no constriction at neck or throat. The single prong vortex design also provides increased oxygen availability for lung absorption.

Q: Can the Uni-flo2 be used with both continuous (tanks) and pulse delivery type devices?
A: Yes, the Uni-flo2 contains a universal female oxygen bushing that fits on all standard male connectors (ISO-STD 594). Additionally, internal validation studies show equivalent or better POX readings (primary mechanism of action) with the single prong in both continuous (tanks) and pulse delivery type devices.

Q: Will I have to change the oxygen flow rate prescribed if I change cannulas to the Uni-flo2?
A: No, the Uni-flo2 cannula is a low flow (1-6 liters) oxygen cannula. There is no reason you will need to change the prescribed flow rate your doctor recommended while using the Uni-flo2 nasal cannula.

Q: How is the Uni-flo2 cannula fitted?
A: Each package contains, “Instruction for Use” with clear user friendly diagrams. The website, under “Products-Video” URL: provides additional support on how to fit the Uni-flo2 cannula.

Q: Why is the Uni-flo2 more expensive than dual cannulas?
A: The Uni-flo2 is manufactured with high quality materials, not hard cheap PVC plastics that are found in most dual prong devices. The Uni-flo2 uses soft synthetic rubbers in its “Nasal Cavity Component” and a co-extruded copper wire in the first 14” inches of the tubing that provides a “Memory Tube System” that adjust to all facial conditions. The Uni-flo2 contains an active strain relief clip and four 3M patches for high activity patients. The quality materials provide more comfort and longer in-use life cycles for patients (approx. 2 month). It is also made in the U.S.A.

Q: Can the Uni-flo2 be used on both the right and left nostril?
A: Yes, the Uni-flo2 is interchangeable to either the right or left nostril. Clinical experience shows this ability to change sides can reduce the adverse effects of sores, irritation and or pressure ulcers conditions.

Q: Can you set a feeding tube in the other nare when using the Uni-flo2 cannula?
A: Yes, the Uni-flo2 cannula makes it easier to use a feeding tube without occluding more than 50% of the nares. However, it is important that the feeding tube not completely occlude the second open nare when placed opposite the Uni-flo2 cannula.