Increase your prescription compliance, reduce hospital visits with a device that is easy to wear with more dignity for you.


Human Factors

A new oxygen device designed with you in mind. A new lighter, adjustable, cosmetically appealing, interchangeable to either nostril cannula, designed just for you.


Reduced Skin Contact

The Uni-flo2 cannula is designed to reduce the medial grade plastics that come in contact with skin by over 50%. Less skin contact, less weight, less irritation for you.

More Reliable

The Uni-flo2 cannula includes a memory stabilization system that allows adjustment to all facial contours with multiple strain-relief positions to insure gas flow, while reducing the tube tugging (or pulling) on you.

Latest Blog


  • I am in my mid 40s suffering with lung fibrosis, and dependent on oxygen. For years I have wanted to wear a nasal cannula that is light weight, comfortable, not all over my face and discrete. When I first used the Uni-flo2 nasal cannula I knew I had found the perfect nasal cannula.  I can hardly tell I'm wearing it, and now I can even smell my meals and the spring flowers. I just love it!

    Barbara M., Las Vegas, NV
  • The Uni-flo2 cannula is perfect for my challenge with COPD. I am missing cartilage in my right ear so I can't use a two prong cannula without taping it on. The Uni-flo2 single prong cannula gives me the POX I need and increased comfort wearing it. I don't have the bulky two prong tubing on my face and around my throat. Best cannula I have ever used.

    Mike M., Wichita Falls, TX
  • I feel like I am choking with the dual prong, I like this much better.

    Female Patient

    Age 67

  • I feel liberated, I love the clip.

    Female Patient

    Age 80

  • This is nice because it doesn’t run along my face, you almost forget the cannula is on.

    Male Patient

    Age 68

  • This is much more comfortable then the dual prong. I wish my mother had one before she passed away.

    Male Patient

    Age 46

  • I think this cannula is great, it does not bother me with my glasses. This is easy to put on.

    Female Patient

    Age 85

  • This would be wonderful when eating, I could smell my food when I eat and cook in my kitchen.

    Female Patient

    Age 63

  • I really like this.

    Male Patient

    Age 80

  • I don’t feel confined and I like the way it feels, much more secure.

    Male Patient

    Age 57

  • Oh, how wonderful! Now I don’t have a long mark on my face in the morning.

    Female Patient

    Age 77

  • This is very comfortable and easy to use, I like this cannula much better than the dual prong.

    Female Patient

    Age 71

  • I like the fact it is only on one side of my face and people wouldn’t know I am on oxygen. I just love it. Where can I get one?

    Female Patient

    Age 65

  • I would love to use this cannula, it’s like not wearing anything at all.

    Female Patient

    Age 58