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Clinical Evidence for Single Prong Oxygen Technology

Oxygen therapy performance systems are dependent on the patient’s ventilation systems and the oxygen delivery methods and devices. The following articles look at the various oxygen delivery devices to determine the performance of those systems with primary observation of comparing single prong oxygen delivery devices to dual prong oxygen delivery devices.

We found evidence that the single prong technology provided equivalent POX performances. In a 121 patient study, we found that the single cannula devices provided higher statistically significant POX readings when compared to dual prong POX readings across flow rate categories within a defined patient population and across both continuous and pulse delivery type devices.   

Below, please find the following publications for the Clinical Evidence for Single Prong Oxygen Technology:

  • H. Payton M. D., C. Cauthen BSRRT, J. Stephens, U. Jain, “A comparison of pulse oximetry values in oxygen dependent patient(s), with satisfaction ratings of dual prong vs single prong adult low flow nasal cannula(s)”, UPODS Internal Study, June 14, 2016.
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  • H. Payton M. D., C. Cauthen BSRRT, J. Stephens , “Evaluation of two low flow oxygen delivery devices in normal breathing subjects”, UPODS Internal Study, Dec, 2015.
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  • T. Waldau, V.H. Larsen and J. Bonde, “Evaluation of five oxygen delivery devices in spontaneously breathing subjects by oxygraphy”, Anesthesia, 1998, 53, 2356-263.
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