The Uni-flo2 stays securely in place, even when moving energetically.

Doctors, nurses and other licensed care givers are discovering the new Uni-flo2 and recommending it to their patients.

They prefer the Uni-flo2 because of the many benefits it offers the oxygen user:

  • Studies show the delivery of oxygen is more efficient, potentially increasing oxygen absorption while reducing net cost to health care systems. The Uni-flo2 maintains the patient’s POX oxygen level at a lower cost.
  • Less skin irritation to the nostrils, upper lip, neck, and around the ears
  • Stays securely in place, even when sleeping or moving actively
  • Works equally well in either nostril
  • Doesn’t have to be removed to eat or drink

If you are a licensed doctor or care giver and would like a free sample of the Uni-flo2 or to have a distributor sales representative contact you, e-mail us at

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