Blog Robert Parr, DO, Emergency Medicine Specialist: Uni-flo2 Improves Health and Personal Appearance

25 2018 Jun
Robert Parr, DO, Emergency Medicine Specialist: Uni-flo2 Improves Health and Personal Appearance

“As a single cannula device, Uni-flonot only solves multiple problems for healthcare providers, but also restores dignity to individuals who require long-term supplemental oxygen.”

Dr. Robert Parr, a retired emergency medicine specialist in Wilmington, North Carolina, points out the many advantages of Uni-flofor patients and providers. 

I saw chronically ill patients who had been using a two-prong nasal cannula for years. This system caused obvious irritation around the nose, as well as sores around the upper lip and ears. The two-prong devices are loose fitting, the cords get wrapped around the patient and they can cause neck constriction.

In contrast, I can see that the design of Uni-flomakes it very comfortable to use, and the patient and everyone around them often forgets that it’s there. This is important for those who are active but must depend on oxygen for long-term use. They want comfort and are concerned about how they look. The two-prong cannula can look very sloppy, not matter how sharply dressed the person is. If someone’s in a business meeting or at a restaurant, it feels and looks uncomfortable.

Uni-flois more attractive, holds in place and allows users to be in public without feeling self-conscious. In fact, it looks no more intrusive than a Bluetooth device.

Emergency Department

In the emergency department, if the physician needs to gain access to one side of the face for suturing or wound cleaning/debridement, Uni-flomakes it easier by providing an open operating field, while decreasing the chance of infection from redundant tubing with the two prong cannula. This is especially important for ear and facial lacerations. In addition, post repair bandaging is more secure for the patient and more efficient for support staff to apply -  without having to incorporate or bury excess tubing under the dressing

Ear lacerations are a particular problem with the old style two prong cannula sincea pressure dressing on the ear may have to stay in place for several days. The two-prong cannula would be awkward to wear because it requires both ears to be held in place. The same dressing would have no problem with the Uni-flo2 since it is secured from only one side of the face.

For patients on nasal oxygen support who require nasogastric suction in the emergency department the Uni-flo2 is once again a great product to have available and use when needed.

Long-Term Care Advantages

For long-term care, providers are always looking for ways to help nursing home and hospice patients maintain dignity, enhance comfort and improve quality of life. Uni-flo2 is a form-fitted device that fits to the contours of an individual’s face so that it has a snug, slim appearance. Patients don’t have to take it off while eating, and they can smell their food better and eat more easily.

Uni-flowould also be of excellent use when nasotube suction or feeding is required for patients on oxygen support. 

General Use and Plastic Surgery

Similar to use in the Emergency Department Uni-flowould solve a number of issues in general use and plastic surgery when physicians must access one side of the face without obstruction. Also, Uni-flowould be helpful when a nasal gastric tube is required. In situations with a two-prong cannula, it must either be removed or one of the prongs cut off which establishes the other prong oftentimes allowing the oxygen source to fall off the face entirely.

Office Procedures

When an ENT physician or pulmonologist needs to perform a nasal infection procedure and wants to apply oxygen, Uni-flo2 is a good option for solving problems related to the use of dual-prong cannulas. Daily medical care presents many problems associated with the old style two prong system that in many cases may be solved with the Uni-flo2.  With time as more health care providers and patients become aware of the advantages of the Uni-flo2 it may become the standard of care for many of these medical situations encountered on a daily basis.


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