Blog Lightweight, Comfortable Uni-flo2 Appeals to Plastic Surgeons and Their Patients

21 2018 Jun
Lightweight, Comfortable Uni-flo2 Appeals to Plastic Surgeons and Their Patients

Uni-flo2 Single-nasal Cannula System (Uni-flo2) offers a breakthrough design that has plastic surgeons like Otto Placik, M.D. talking.

Dr. Placik is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He’s also the inventor of devices designed to improve the patient experience, and believes Uni-flo2 is ideal for plastic surgery patients.

“It improves quality of life because it poses the least impediment to the patient, making them more compliant, which speeds the recovery process,” says Dr. Placik. “Unlike the two-prong cannula, Uni-flodoes not connote illness and rehabilitation—everything that detracts from the plastic surgery patient’s goals.”

Dr. Placik regards Uni-floas a vast improvement over the old two-prong cannula. This patient-centric solution ensures continuous oxygen flow equivalent to the dual-pronged cannula but with half the skin contact, while providing greater comfort and safety.

Dr. Placik adds, “I want to deliver oxygen to my patients during the recovery process. The goal is to make it as convenient and inconspicuous as possible so that it does not interfere with the patient’s lifestyle. Uni-flo2 is low profile, less visible than the two-prong cannula and especially attractive for anyone who wants to avoid the stigma of aging.”

A Complete Cannula Redesign to Benefit Plastic Surgery Patients

Uni-flois a complete redesign of the bulky, traditional device and represents the first substantive improvement in decades for the delivery of oxygen via nasal cannula. Transferable to either side of the face, it can help plastic surgeons perform during surgery by making it easier for them to get a clear operating field.

Uni-flo2 is discreet and lightweight and may prevent dermal issues such as chafing, abrasion and infection. For quick discharge after surgery, the patient can be easily trained and sent home with the single-prong nasal cannula, making them more likely to use it.

With Uni-flo2, patients feel a sense of dignity while finding it easier to eat, sleep and socialize – everything that hastens healing after plastic surgery.

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