Blog Uni-flo2 Single Nasal Cannula: Easy to Wear, Improves Individual Appearance, and Enhances Health

14 2018 Jun
Uni-flo2  Single Nasal Cannula: Easy to Wear, Improves Individual Appearance, and Enhances Health

For patients who require low flow supplemental oxygen, access to continuous oxygen flow has never been easier.

 Uni-flohas revolutionized the dual-pronged cannula design, creating a single nasal cannula -- with half the skin contact.  It is also an opportunity to shed the burdens of a double canula and achieve a more natural appearance that so many people are seeking.

What do wearers like most?

     It’s discreet, lightweight and enhances personal appearance

     Optimizes oxygen absorption

     Improves health

     Enhances quality of life for those who need low flow supplemental oxygen.

Made with durable, high quality materials that ensure longer use, the Uni-flo2soft design eliminates skin irritation, promotes ease of movement, improves sleeping and eating, and makes people feel better about the way they look.

Uni-flo2  can be attached in five easy steps:

Step 1-- Straighten the tubing containing the memory wire and drape the Uni-flo2around back of neck.

Step 2-- Insert nasal prong deeply yet comfortably into selected nostril.

Step 3-- Hold nasal prong in place in nostril, and mold the memory tubing behind and around ear in a "C" shape. Press the memory tubing firmly into the contours of the face.

Step 4-- Adjust the tubing to rest lightly around back of neck, allowing the head to turn right and left, and clip to chest area clothing on the side opposite the nostril containing the insert.

 Step 5 --Attach the device to oxygen source, ensure the connections are secure, confirm proper function and start gas flow. Apply adhesive patches as needed.

Comfort and Quality of Life

Uni-flo2 conforms to facial contours to eliminate chafing, facial or neck abrasion and reduce the chance of infection.  It’s interchangeable to either nostrilwith multiple strain-relief positions that ensure gas flow.

Our design eliminates noosing under the chin and reduces the need for frequent adjustment by the adult patient who requiresup to six liters per minute of supplemental oxygen. In fact, patient satisfaction surveys say 98 percent find Uni-flomore comfortable, stable and secure.

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