Blog Uni-flo2: Medical Device Distributors Meet Patient Demand for Comfortable, Safer, Less Visible Cannula

14 2018 May
Uni-flo2: Medical Device Distributors Meet Patient Demand for Comfortable, Safer, Less Visible Cannula
Enhance product portfolio with single-nasal cannula system
Extremely high patient satisfaction and clinician confidence

With industry adoption on the rise, trend-watching medical device distributors recognize the significant benefits of the breakthrough patient-centric solution Uni-flo2 Single-nasal Cannula System.

Uni-floensures continuous oxygen flow equivalent to the dual-pronged cannula but with half the skin contact -- greater comfort, safety, freedom of movement and enhanced personal appearance -- sparking increased consumer demand for this device.  

This discreet, lightweight single cannula optimizes oxygen absorption, improves health and enhances quality of life for patients needing low flow supplemental oxygen.

What does this mean for medical device distributors and bulk purchasers? Uni-florepresents significant market and revenue opportunities across multiple healthcare segments: in-home, outpatient or extended care settings, transport and hospital or hospice well as oxygen therapy suppliers and retailers. 

Innovative Product, Competitive Differentiator

Distributors seeking an innovative product, competitive differentiation and expanded market share can now offer this high value product, a complete redesign of the traditional device which represents the first substantive improvement in decades for the delivery of oxygen via nasal cannula.

Currently manufactured in the U.S. by an FDA-registered facility with durable, high quality materials that ensure longer use, the Uni-flosoft design eliminates skin irritation, promotes ease of movement, improves sleeping and eating, and enhances personal appearance.

  • Designed for comfort and safety
  • Conforms to facial contours to eliminate chafing, facial or neck abrasion and reduce the chance of infection
  • Interchangeable to either nostrilwith multiple strain-relief positions that ensure gas flow
  • Reduces tube tugging or pulling on the patient
  • Delivers up to six liters per minute of supplemental oxygen to adults.
  • Cosmetically appealing and more comfortable
  • More efficient oxygen delivery, with the potential to reduce oxygen costs over time
  • Patient satisfaction surveys: 98 percent finding it more comfortable, stable and secure

Uni-flo2 offers distributors value-added services, including patient/caregiver support and education, volume discounts, special considerations and expedited order fulfillment.

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