The Uni-flo2 single cannula feels like wearing nothing at all.

The Uni-flo2 is the superior cannula for oxygen dependent patients.

If you are a user of oxygen, or a friend or relative of someone who is, you should know about Uni-flo2. It is more comfortable to use than dual-pronged cannulas and also may provide more efficient oxygen delivery.

The Uni-flo2 is less visible than dual-pronged cannulas. Therefore, it is less distracting to a person’s natural appearance.  So, an oxygen user can lift up their head and walk proudly, go anywhere and do virtually anything.

Oxygen users prefer the Uni-flo2, an unique, new, patented design cannula system approved by the FDA that is changing the look and enhancing the confidence of oxygen users.  So, in clinical settings, when given a choice between the dual cannula system and the new Uni-flo2, 98% of 121 patients in a 2015 study preferred the Uni-flo2.  We think you will too because the Uni-flo2 offers the oxygen user many features and benefits:

  • Less skin irritation to the nostrils, upper lip, neck, and around the ears
  • Stays securely in place, even when sleeping or moving energetically
  • Works equally well in either nostril
  • Doesn’t have to be removed to eat or drink
  • The delivery of oxygen is more efficient with virtually no oxygen waste, reducing refills on tanks and potentially increasing battery life on concentrators all while maintaining your POX (pulse oximetry) oxygen levels.
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